Purposeful Design

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     Let me just come right out and say I'm in no way a programmer or web developer or anything like that..

     I'm a designer.. I make shit look pretty... Or as on of my UTC professors would say, "I make shit look like chocolate!!"

     In a module to the left there is a template changer filled with samples of my web design.. More designs are being added, revised, and replaced on a regular basis as well as other website content. This Website will continue to develop as my design skills do. I'm fairly adept at designing templates and layouts for websites ranging from basic HTML websites to websites that use Content Management Systems like: Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress, DotNetNuke, and Blogger. I also can do some Flash animations utilizing basic ActionsSript 2.0 for navigation only, as I said, I'm not a hardcore coder. I have had Video and DVD editing experience, as well as photography and sound editing. I'm extremely familiar with the entire Adobe Creative Suite and Artisteer, and have had some experience with Corel Products. If you would like for me to design a site, or anything else, even traditional art, then please shoot me an e-mail on the contact me page.

- Ashton Peek