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My name is Ashton Peek, as you might have noticed from the name of the website. I've grown up around computers from a really early age. My dad started out as a programmer, and he felt that it was important to teach me as much as possible about computers.  In 1999 My dad started a Web Hosting Company called Coastland Technologies. This proximity to computers and the availability of the wealth of knowledge to the smartest programmer I know, propelled me into pursuing a web design career. Through my school I discovered I'm not a web developer, while I can do it and have for this site, mainly I prefer messing with the graphics. I would label most of my web design as front end development, and have since professionally moved into graphic design for print and manufacturing. Recently I have worked as a commercial signage Graphic Designer for two major sign manufacturing companies in the southeast. I started at the largest interior sign manufacturing facility in the country, and recently moved to the largest exterior manufacturer in the area. While I am still employed full time, I have decided to venture out into the world of freelance design in many different places and this website will serve as my portfolio and proof that I know what I'm doing, and talking about. Enjoy browsing around, and if you have any questions feel free to navigate over to the contact page.